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Vehicular Filming & Old Age

--This may make me sound cynical or overly critical, but I have a sincere question.
Why are all the selfie videos of people singing/venting/making public declarations shot inside a vehicle?

It seems like an epidemic.
I'm a photographer, so I understand the importance of good it the light?
Is it good acoustics?

Maybe that's it, because I think I sound pretty great when I sing in the car.

Sidenote:  I don't.

But if it's acoustics, why don't they do it in the shower.  

Everyone knows the shower is the best place to sound good singing.
Is it just a "thing"?

Like, "I saw this girl singing in the car and she sounded awesome so I'm gonna do a video of me singing in the car"?
Maybe it's the only place these people can find to be alone?

Those are the only logical reasons I could arrive at.

Maybe I'm missing a crucial piece of evidence.
--So how old am I?
I'm an I-just-did-a-three-hour-session-and-everything-including-my-toenails-hurt-year-old.

My toenails hurt.
--I just finished a photoshoot in which I managed to get four, that's right, four pictures in a row with the subjects eyes closed.
That takes talent, people.
Serious talent.
I should be famous.

You can see the rest of this session here under "Beck Senior".

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